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When It's No Longer a Daydream....

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Even though I don't consider myself a talented dancer, I create and participate in many group choreographies ... in my head that is. Oh yea, in my head I am a sexy, on beat dancer with the best moves to hip/hop and R&B music. I never really pursued dancing because it isn't my ultimate calling. However it would have been great if I was consistently active in dance classes/groups while I was still in grade school. Now I'm 33 with a husband, full-time job, 2 toddlers, a bookkeeping gig and this calling to help women deal with life's drama. Dancing is really not a priority!

To me dancing is a way to express myself with my body better than I can when I speak. It's a hobby I'd like to partake in, a skill I'd love to master. But something I don't have time for ... until now. So my sister has been attending these classes for the past few months. She invited me a few times but I shrugged it off because she went on Saturday mornings - a day that I get to sleep in! And I didn't truly believe it'd be my type of dancing. But one Saturday I said, "I'll just go." The class is affordable and it's a chance to meet new people and have new experiences.

Oh .. my .. goodness! Let's just say that I now plan to go 3 times a week, as much as possible, every time the class is held. I had a blast. The dancing was very sexy but a demanding work out as well! I couldn't say I felt sexy because I didn't know the dance moves. So I was very awkward - for now. BUT WAIT 'TIL I KNOW THE MOVES BY HEART!! I made that my goal. The class is perfect for me and I thank God for opening that door that I was hesitant to pursue.

It begs the question sometimes - are these just daydreams by me or visions from God?


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