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Well With My Soul

As the coronavirus outbreak creeps closer and closer to my stomping grounds with 75 deaths in Palm Beach County at the time of this writing, I have remained at peace. Over a month ago I started reading about the cases in China, yet had absolutely no idea it'd come this close to home. As cases started to pop up in USA I had an idea of what was to come. When my job hurriedly sent us home with our equipment to work remotely, it all felt surreal.

Everything started moving so rapidly. Businesses started shutting down left and right, people started to lose their jobs, and state by state we were being ordered to stay at home. I always tell myself not to get to comfortable in whatever season I'm in, because things can change in an instant - for better or for worse. However I always meant that on a smaller scale; pertaining to my own life. A loved one may pass, my company might lay me off, I might miraculously win the lottery even though I don't play. I know life can change in an instant.

I never in my wildest imagination thought that the whole world could change in a matter of months. And the mortality rate - it's unreal. I think of Italy, China, Spain ... and closer to home, New York. I have family in New York!! I put myself to sleep by reading articles written by family members and friends of those who passed. I am constantly monitoring the statistics from around the world, and reading about how the governments are responding to this pandemic.

Many would advise me not to do this as it could produce fear in my soul, but it actually doesn't. To me, it's just about staying informed and aware. And to be honest, I read about the lives of those who passed as a way to honor them. My heart breaks that people aren't getting proper funerals and that bodies are piling up faster than the morgues can handle. I hate that people are dying alone.

Even as this gets closer to my county, my city ... I find myself at peace. So far the only direct impact this made on me is that my household's income has been effected. I haven't lost any loved ones, thank God. After seeing what has happened around the world, I am weary that it could be our (and by our I mean my county's) turn very soon. And maybe it won't be so bad. Who knows? It rains on the just and the unjust so I can't fear what's to come.

I will declare health over myself, my loves and whoever else is laid upon my heart. But even if it does hit home, if I lose loved ones or have to fight it off myself ... it is well and I'm at peace. I have no idea how long this will last - when will we get back to life as we knew it? Is that truly possible? But I truly believe that no matter how much loss I may have to endure, greater is coming. That's the God I believe in. It's all good if nothing happens and it's all good if it everything hits the fan.

Now, more so than ever, I understand God's promise of giving a peace that surpasses ALL understanding.

Philippians 4:7

King James Version (KJV)

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


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