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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Man, where do I start? I wouldn't have had to ask that question if I wasn't slacking on my blog posts! Life has been quite the adventure since my last post in Aug 2020. Maybe I should do some "What Had Happened" posts to share some of the shenanigans I've experienced this past year. So many ups and downs, but I must say -- I've been having more ups than downs lately. Praise God!! But I digress, back to the topic at hand.

I've been a panel member of a weekly podcast called "Late Night Love Ties." It's a Christian based podcast that discusses relationship topics with a biblical perspective. God is so good -- He brought me to a platform that discusses two of my favorite subjects: Christianity and Relationships. Shout out to my friend Neff for inviting me to participate! Now it's one of my favorite things to do every week.

Every week the host, Pastor Gabe, sends us the topics we'll be discussing. So he sent this question: "For the men: Why once y'all get the woman you want, after a while y'all lose interest or don't do the things you did to get her?" Oh my God when I read that question it brought back a flood of emotions I felt from past hurts. Let me say here that when I reference an ex it's rarely my ex-husband. I've dated a good amount of guys in my past so I have stories for days. I just want to make that clear because not too many people know my ex-boyfriends but so many know