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Qui Transtulit Sustinet

I've had a series of events that occurred in my life over the years that challenged me to trust the dreams I've had about my life. And I mean the dreams I have while I'm asleep, not goals/aspirations. I've doubted some, disregarded others. But they've been coming to pass and left me in awe. Some good, some bad ... but when I respond accordingly, I find myself astonished.

So I told God, "Ok, no longer will I lollygag when you give me dreams. I will trust the dreams more than I trust man. And I will respond accordingly and quickly." God has proven Himself over the years so I really have no excuse to walk in disbelief.

Recently I sensed that God is going to restore me for all of the years I've lost in the midst of my disbelief. As I was reflecting on where I left off years ago, I remembered a dream He gave me. In the dream, a man asked me to move with him to Connecticut where he planned to study to become a neurosurgeon. I know this man in real life, but as far as I know he had no plans of becoming a neurosurgeon.

When I woke up, I researched "Connecticut." Like, why Connecticut specifically? I learned that Connecticut's motto is "Que Transtulit Sustinet," which means "He who transplants sustains." I realized that God assured me that wherever He takes me, He'll take care of me. I had this dream at least 10 years ago. I didn't think much of it since.

But lately, now that I'm getting back on track, I'm sensing that this dream is still pending. I can't help but feel that God is going to call me away from home. I have no idea to where, I have no idea to what. In the natural, I don't see why the man from my dream would call me to him. So if he does end up doing this, I know it's God!

Either way, I am mentally and emotionally preparing myself. Anxiety is trying to have it's way with me but I can't let it win. I just want all God has for me.


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