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I Don't Wanna Go! But I'm Glad I Did.

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me: dropped my son off to get a haircut, attended the dance/workout class, visited my other sister, had lunch with some friends and visited my mother-in-law. That's a lot for an introvert/homebody such as myself! If I have to go out on a Saturday I try to squeeze every pending task within that one day so I can stay home for the next few weekends. Or I try to do most of it after work during the week. But I had an awesome day. So awesome that I just wanted to bask in the new memories by doing absolutely nothing today.

I was as sore as ever so I didn't feel like moving much. As I was enjoying the comfort of the couch, my husband said to me, "I forgot to mention this to you yesterday but we were invited to a fish fry this evening." Now anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy food and all events serving food. So naturally one would expect me to jump for joy. But I was "recovering" from yesterday's adventures. So with as little frustration in my voice as possible I said, "Ok. What time?"

The event was scheduled to start within 4 hours. Having to go out later dampened my vibes. You mean I have to get dressed? After a while my hubby picked up on my vibes (he knows me pretty well). He asked me if I wanted to go out. I honestly replied, "I don't but I do. I prefer to stay home but I'd hate to miss this occasion." Like a big brat I found myself complaining to God about how sore I was and how I just wanted to do nothing today. Then I checked myself and gave myself a pep talk.

  1. Esther, you always talk about wanting a spontaneous lifestyle ... um, this is what it's like boo.

  2. He may not say it out loud, but it means a lot to your husband that you're by his side during social events whenever possible. Stop acting like you don't know.

  3. It's not a good look to let him attend alone when you're not sick or if you didn't have other plans.

  4. Don't you want to be seen as a unit? Turning down opportunities like this is not sowing the right seeds.

  5. These are good people that you're hanging out with. Good people are hard to come by. Don't be stank.

  6. When you're old you don't want the majority of your memories to be you sitting at home watching Hulu and Netflix. That's not living girl.

  7. And how much food are you sacrificing by not attending?! Hubby will bring home food IF there's any left - but that's not a risk worth taking!

By the end of my pep talk I was actually looking forward to going, lol. And not surprisingly, I had a good time eating good food with good people. No drama, pettiness or shade. Just people enjoying the good life.

Thank you God for blessing me with opportunities to enjoy my blessings!


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