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I Don't Wanna Go! But I'm Glad I Did.

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me: dropped my son off to get a haircut, attended the dance/workout class, visited my other sister, had lunch with some friends and visited my mother-in-law. That's a lot for an introvert/homebody such as myself! If I have to go out on a Saturday I try to squeeze every pending task within that one day so I can stay home for the next few weekends. Or I try to do most of it after work during the week. But I had an awesome day. So awesome that I just wanted to bask in the new memories by doing absolutely nothing today.

I was as sore as ever so I didn't feel like moving much. As I was enjoying the comfort of the couch, my husband said to me, "I forgot to mention this to you yesterday but we were invited to a fish fry this evening." Now anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy food and all events serving food. So naturally one would expect me to jump for joy. But I was "recovering" from yesterday's adventures. So with as little frustration in my voice as possible I said, "Ok. What time?"

The event was scheduled to start within 4 hours. Having to go out later dampened my vibes. You mean I have to get dressed? After a while my hubby picked up on my vibes (he knows me pretty well). He asked me if I wanted to go out. I honestly replied, "I don't but I do. I prefer to stay home but I'd hate to miss this occasion." Like a big brat I found myself complaining to God about how sore I was and how I just wanted to do nothing today. Then I checked myself and gave myself a pep talk.

  1. Esther, you always talk about wanting a spontaneous lifestyle ... um, this is what it's like boo.

  2. He may not say it out loud, but it means a lot to your husband that you're by his side during social events whenever possible. Stop acting like you don't know.

  3. It's not a good look to let him attend alone when you're not sick or if you didn't have other plans.

  4. Don't you want to be