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Good Thing I Didn't Trip!

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Have you ever felt like people did a complete 180 on you? Like yesterday it was all laughs and genuine camaraderie and today there's such tension in the air? All of the sudden it seems like no one talks to you like they used to: you went from hearing about their personal lives to ignored texts and a civil greeting: "Good morning, how are you?" "Good." That's all you got when just yesterday everyone was talking about the husbands and kids, etc.

Well for the past few weeks I went through that ... it seemed like several women just shut me out for no apparent reason! I literally racked my brain for days trying to figure out what I may have said or done to offend them. I even asked them if everything was okay and they'd pretty much say "I'm good." I said to them (in my head of course) "Tell me what's wrong like you'd do in the past!!" But out loud I said, "Well I'm here if you need me." I never want anyone to feel obligated to tell me all of their secrets. I respect privacy, but the tension in the air was what was bugging me. I mean, are we still cool? Let me know if I've done something wrong so we can fix this!

So eventually, after a few days, I had to just let it go. I legit started to encourage myself by telling myself, "Well, friends come and go. People are here only for a season. They're probably sensing the anointing and just hating on where I'm going in life. But that's okay as long as I'm good with God!" And then I was tempted so hard to give them the same cold shoulder. I wanted to show them that I'm not going to fall apart just because they turned their backs on me! Screw the polite greetings, just shut them out 100%!

But of course the Holy Spirit convicted me. He told me that this was the opportune time to let my light shine and never get dim. How do I prove the love of God if I'm only showing my sweet side when everyone is being nice to me? I'm supposed to be consistent no matter who's doing what. I mean I literally thought they talked about me behind my back and agreed to cut me out. So as hard as it was, I remained consistent and friendly. I didn't share my ordeal with my husband because I felt I'd sound immature - "Babe, my friends don't like me anymore! I know they didn't confront me directly ... but things just feel different!" LOL it's not always easy to justify "vibes" to logical men. He'd listen of course but I didn't want to come off like a big baby.