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Empowering the Men in my Life

The other day I was folding towels while my kids were playing in another room. My 7yo son walked in and without me asking, he started to help me fold the towels. As he was folding, I said, "Wow J, you're folding those so neatly! You've gotten better!" He then proceeded to increase the speed of his folding, and I said "Sonic ain't got nothing on you!" After we finished, he asked me, "Mom, did you notice that after you encouraged me I started going faster and faster!" LOL I was like "Yes I definitely noticed!"

I immediately remembered a story that I heard from T.D. Jakes months ago. He shared that one day he was bringing groceries in from the car and his wife mentioned how strong he was. Next thing you know he went and got the rest of the bags and brought them all in at once to show off lol. He made the exact point that I just experienced with my son: when you compliment your man (or son, dad, brother, etc) it'll encourage him to do even more to impress you.

Personally, I internalize a lot so I might be thinking good thoughts but keep them to myself. But I'll be more mindful to compliment my son and boo thang more often when I'm impressed. I never realized how much it meant to men for me to verbalize how much I admire them!

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