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Do I Need You to Survive?

Several nights ago I had a humbling revelation. But before I share the revelation, here's some backstory:

I am the youngest of 5 siblings. The first four are very close in age, no more than two years apart. And here I come, a whole 5 years younger than the last child before me. Naturally, I spent a lot of alone time growing up. I played with my dolls by myself, watched many cartoons by myself, did a lot of reading. Sometimes my brother played video games with me, and that was one of my best childhood memories. But most of the time, while they were all more concerned with what teens were concerned with, I was still in fairy tale land. My siblings were there for me ... but in a "take care of my little sister" capacity. I had imaginary friends to fill the void of not having a group of girls my age to relate to.