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Do I Have What It Takes?

There's absolutely nothing more exciting than what God has planned for my life. Sometimes I can literally see myself as the "new me." I envision myself traveling, being more active in ministry, and helping so many women walk in their queendom. I see myself doing so much, but then I look at my current status.

I look at how laid back I am - don't the aggressive personality types conquer the land? I look at how inconsistent I am - it just takes too long to finish certain projects. I consider how socially awkward I am - how can I effect strangers positively when I barely know how to interact? I look at my physical imperfections - will people be able to overlook my flaws and really listen to what I have to say?

Sometimes I let my insecurities slow me down when it comes to my pursuit of more. I mean, I've been able to maintain and manage a significant amount of success in my current season. Why not just play it safe and not kid myself? I mean, if I had what it took, wouldn't I have been there by now?

Sometimes I let these thoughts dominate my actions. But then I remind myself that these thoughts are what caused me to settle for my current season. I know I'm blessed, God has been absolutely wonderful. But deep down I know there's more out there for me. I don't make these visions up by myself - I know they've come from God.

So if He is "bugging" me about my destiny, then that means that He has already equipped me to take the land - right? And come to think of it, I was nervous about my previous conquests before I pursued them as well. I was nervous about marriage, motherhood, my job. And of course I'm not perfect but I have been doing well in my roles. So what's stopping me from doing well in my future roles?

You know what, I do have what it takes!


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