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Love Yourself First

In general, us women are nurturers by instinct. We constantly look for ways to take care of everyone else, even if it means neglecting our own care. It's a great concept to put others first, but we must set boundaries. If we give our all to others, we have nothing left for ourselves when others fail us. We can't control other people - so let's protect what we can control : our hearts. 

About Me

About Me


Growing up, I used to be so sensitive. I would cry at the drop of a dime if you even looked at me funny! I know I frustrated my mother and older sisters quite a bit. I was the baby of the family and at least 5 years younger than all of my siblings.


So during 7th grade I started to toughen up. I worked on building thicker skin. And for the most part I did well and couldn’t care less what others thought about me or did to me. Unfortunately I became too tough and became pretty cruel. Emotionally speaking, I became like a cat that kept her distance but the claws and fangs came out once I felt threatened.


Every day I work to balance how vulnerable I allow myself to be vs how protective I should be with my heart. If I’m not careful, I could allow the words and actions of others to eat away at my self worth. On the other hand, if I'm not careful, I could harm others when I don’t consider their feelings.


So I invite you to walk this path with me where we can be balanced no matter who says this or who does that. We are in control of our actions & reactions. We can be versions of ourselves that we can take pride in no matter what the outcome. Ladies, we can be QUEENS OF OUR HEARTS!

Esther Doliny

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